Total Source Removal in Colorado Springs, CO

Advanced Clean Ducts utilizes the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved Air duct cleaning method – TOTAL SOURCE REMOVAL

Dust, dirt, pollen, dander, and other breathable contaminants are pulled into your duct system each time the heating or air conditioner runs. These contaminants can build up inside the system and may be spewed back into the living areas in ever increasing amounts. “TOTAL SOURCE REMOVAL” uses both the “push” of compressed air and the “pull” of a powerful 2500 cfm vacuum to remove all breathable debris.

Advanced Clean Ducts, Inc., uses state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed for air duct cleaning. A powerful HEPA-AIRE (2500 cubic feet of air per minute flow, commonly know as cfm) vacuum is used to create a “collection steam” of air in the duct system providing negative pressure (or “pull”). Our EMGLO compressor with special AIRE-SWEEP attachments provide 180 (pounds per square inch, commonly known as psi) of high-pressure air (or “push”) to blow any breathable debris into the collection stream created by our vacuum.
Chart - Air Ducts in Colorado Springs, CO
Utilizing the special nozzles on our compressed air lines, we are able to reach any part of the system with the compressed air. The compressed air virtually air “washes” the inside of the ductwork, dislodging any breathable debris and moves it downstream into the HEPA-AIRE vacuum. The multi-stage vacuum filters particles down to .3 microns (1/300th of a human hair) which means the air exhausting from the vacuum is better than “surgery level” clean.

The vacuum and compressor are portable which allows duct cleaning to be performed, even in the middle of winter, with minimum inconvenience to the customer.

In Colorado Springs there is no regulation of air duct cleaning companies. Many years ago, the Environmental Protection Agency established its TOTAL SOURCE REMOVAL cleaning standard that requires creation of a collection stream of 2500 CFM or greater in the ductwork used in conjunction with an agitative source to remove anything in the ductwork that could become breathable. Advanced Clean Ducts, Inc. uses Abatement Technology equipment specifically designed to meet TOTAL SOURCE REMOVAL requirements.